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    Helping an adrenaline filled RIB company share their customer experience on social media.

The project

The London Power Boat School asked us to create a short film to showcase a journey along the River Thames in one of their high powered RIBs they use for Power Boat tuition.

The brief was to show the environment they teach in, that would also grab the attention of potential new clients. They wanted to get across the raw emotion and adrenaline of driving a powerboat on the river. The freedom and excitement that getting the right qualifications can get you. 

Due to strict speed limits and river restrictions we proposed a hyper lapse treatment to the film (See our TVR test footage here). Set at night this footage would give the viewer the feeling of speed and momentum that a daytime journey at a normal shot rate would not portray. 

The end result is a stylised visual feast that gives the audience a snap shot of how exhilarating speed boat driving can be. 

Social traction: 1.5k views on Facebook.

Watch the teaser